Merrilee Mannerly was born on Mother's Day, 2008 from authors Mary Cashman’s and Cynthia Whipple's vision to create a character to whom children would relate and want to emulate because of her love of good manners. Paired with the effervescent Princess Posy, a princess from the land of no manners, they show children that learning good manners can be both fun and funny!

Published by Pink and Brown Publishing in August 2010, Merrilee Mannerly won the prestigious Gold Mom's Choice Award. It was such a favorite that Mom's Choice featured the book in its exhibit at the 2011 Book Expo America in New York City. Merrilee Mannerly and Her Magnificent Manners is sold throughout the United States in independent bookstores, toys stores and specialty stores. It is also available on BarnesandNoble.com, Amazon.com and through www.merrileemannerly.com. 


“This book is well written with tons of laugh out loud moments. I read it to my seven year old and he laughed along with me and enjoyed it as much as I did. Aside from the great writing, Merrilee Mannerly has beautiful, bright illustrations, done by Meredith Johnson.”
– MacaroniKid.com

“Merrilee Mannerly features pretty in pink drawings, humorous passages that employ a play on words, and a story line that keeps young readers interested.”
- Avon Life

“Wow! The illustrations are eye-popping! This book is truly needed.”
- WDRC AM Radio

"A clever story and friend-to-friend advice make this an excellent choice when you are trying to provide basic manners lessons."
- The Reading Tub

"It's a darling story that helps reinforce the importance of manners to your little princess."
- SuzieSaid

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